The new episode features Akah alongside Makida Moka. In this new episode, Akah and Makida revisit the story of a lady who was accused of stealing a WiFi modem, engaging in lesbianism, and 'drinking' cocaine.

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Summary of episode by Akah;

"So a couple of months back, we were on our own oh, and society was behaving themselves when twitville broke out overnight with the curious case of Uduak (@uduakisbae)!Uduak who was accused of stealing a wifi modem, engaging in lesbianism, and 'drinking' cocaine, was said to have planned a meeting session with Lil' Kesh (where it was supposed to go down). But things went south for her when her friend, Madonna (@6fthobbit) exposed her 'in the open' to the whole world on twitter!! So much so that the Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) got involved.Makida and Akah Nnani decided to revisit this issue and talk about it right before they went in for the ICM Catwalk event. Watch this video to catch the full gist."

The last episode of vlog featured Akah alongside Bolanle Olukanni.