The one-time very successful car dealer who is now living from hand to mouth, has said that Lola actually hypnotized him into marrying her and had been taking him to different native doctors, all in her bid to make him useless and to do everything she says.

Hear him: “ is a devil in disguise. She took me to all or any type of herbalists with the idea of helping my business flourish but I never knew I was digging my grave. She’s fetish; she has all type of incisions throughout her waist.

“She hypnotized me into marrying her. I just woke up that morning and found myself in a wedding ceremony with her. I was reluctant initially but I became so helpless and weak, to the extent that I couldn’t go contrary to her command. Since then, I have been in her web. None of my family was there,” Dare, said.

He even doubts the paternity of the six years old baby girl the producer of Yoruba movies like Orule, Tete and IbereAlako had for him and is ready to go for a DNA test to prove he is the father of the child.

“With this new development, I’m seeking a DNA test to ascertain the paternity. You know, we had barely met when she explained she was pregnant then and I had my reservations but somehow, I put it behind me but with this particular development it’s just proper for me to be double sure of the baby’s paternity.

Even whenever we were together, people often hint me about her illicit intimate moves but she was always convincing me, making me to reason with her,” Dare fired.

For a man who got married and lived with a woman for six years, there is more than meets the eyes here.