Chadwick Boseman lived well. As a man who lived his life cheerfully, inspiring lives, making a name for himself and watching others build their faith through him; we can confidently say this. Born on September 29, 1976, Boseman lived a life of impact. As an actor, the remarkable King T’Challa role in Black Panther made him a real life superhero to many persons and when he passed August 28, 2020 the world lost a great man.

Here are three important lessons from his life:


Being cheerful is attractive in itself. Charles Dickens famously said, “Cheerfulness and contentment are great beautifiers”. Beyond that, cheerfulness helps you maintain emotional balance and stay strong for yourself and others. Chadwick Boseman embodied this. Despite his battle with cancer, he maintained his cheerful demeanour that affected the lives around him and, probably, gave him a more fulfilling end. He was ever cheerful in his interviews, in the way he related with his colleagues and even his appearance in his films. It was clear to see that being cheerful was one of his selling points.

You should learn from this. Even in the face of challenges, move on cheerfully instead of crying over spilt milk. This way, you are able to be strong for yourself and find effective solutions. The alternative is to sulk your way through the day and affect others negatively.


When Boseman began his acting career, he was a young, black and gifted actor but his complexion became a challenge for some producers and directors who believed the stereotypes that black kids all come from dysfunctional homes and indulge in vices. Boseman, in his speech to the 2018 graduating students at Howard University, talked about how in those early years he only got roles based on black stereotypes. He questioned that stereotype and, although he lost a role, he rose to become the star we all now miss.

The lesson here is to never conform to rules and conditions you are not comfortable with. Challenge them, rise above them and watch yourself excel.


This is a popular motivational statement, but the reality is that most of us give-up when we face slight challenges. Let Boseman’s life be a motivation for you going forward. He had every reason to give up when he was diagnosed with colon cancer but he never gave up on his dreams. While dealing with this challenge, he delivered on movies like Black Panther, Marshall, Avengers, 21 Bridges, and Da 5 Bloods.

With faith, courage, persistence, and God’s grace, you can achieve success. It is only a matter of time. Chadwick Boseman may not be with us anymore, but he lives in our hearts, forever.


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About the author: Blessing Ese Enenaite is a Nigerian writer and fashion entrepreneur. She is the author of the self-help book ‘9 Keys to Successful Living’. Blessing is presently a content writer for a Lagos-based media firm.