While Nigerians awaited the 2015 Presidential election results, Nollywood actress, Yvonne Jegede decided to share her weight loss success story.

The 'Don't Cry For Me' star recalled seeing herself on screen and thinking "who is that hippopotamus?. Read her full post below.

"While we anticipate the 2015 presidential results, let me tell you about mine. Recently, I saw someone in a movie and i thought to myself, "who is that hippopotamus? OMG, that's ME (YVONNE JEGEDE)". I didn't like the way i looked, i looked fat and not so sexy (at least i still looked a little sexy)

And i came to a conclusion, if i don't help myself nobody will, so i checked with a trainer and started this journey. Although i might not always be dedicated but i don't forget that i have a goal to look like Meagan Good "Una know say she nearly resemble me."

At the gym this morning i tried to see what progress I've made and I lost 5kg in almost 60days. It might be slow but there's progress. This is a sign. I'm gonna push harder and work even more.

If you don't like yasef ya shape ya belle, you can begin something today no matter how small, even as little as 20 sit ups a day. You might not see results immediately but you will definitely see results."