Never, ever fall in love with a 'friend of the industry'

A true story on why you should leave damaged women in the entertainment industry alone.

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OK so this is based on a true story. And I mean a 'true story'.

A few years ago, I mistakenly fell in love, and I use the word mistake because it was exactly that, a mistake. I think falling in love is one of the most stupid things anyone can do, but don't let me ruin your Cinderella lives.

Anyway, so yeah I fell in love and it was a huge mistake. It was a disaster because I fell in love with a 'friend of the industry'. Now in case you don't know, a 'friend of the industry' is the politically correct and feminist friendly term for a groupie.

Yes, I fell in love with a groupie. Now it wouldn't have been a bad idea if I got the service she was offering to certain entertainers (whose names I want to reveal badly but I can't because I have class, and I am also afraid of being beaten up).

And this falling in love thing started off on a bad note. We started off as friends, then somehow with the devil playing Ludo on my brain I fell in love with her. Big mistake. During the whole friendship era, she told me about her former relationships, and how she has gotten the short end of the stick in love.

Also during this period of our friendship, she was servicing ***************** (name withheld). It's funny how these emotionally damaged women run away from love but run fast towards sex.

Moving on, one bad day I opened one my big mouth and I told her I had fallen in love with her. Lmaoo! I can still remember this like yesterday. My darling bae gave me the textbook reply that all Rihanna wannabes give. "I'm damaged goods. I can't be in love with someone." Oh that was crushing. My heart stopped beating. Ol boy see begging. "Please naw, I am the one for you. I am different. Just give me a chance." There's no rubbish I didn't say for this young woman to say yes, but all my yarns fell on the floor.

Now this is when the story becomes really funny. Weeks after begging and pleading I found out that she went back to her former boyfriend who she claimed broke her heart. Well I guess he came back with super glue and put it together The chick had the nerve to tell me she was back with her boo. She saw me as her 'friend' and wanted us to be close while her mumu boyfriend was enjoying the spoils of war. Talk about Friend Zone Level 99.

As my God will have it, her boyfriend broke up with her after two weeks. Of course my guy just came back to chop and clean mouth. I was so happy, but I felt sad for her. I thought this was my chance to enter set, and show her true love. Mba! It didn't work out like that.

You see the devil was now playing scrabble with my brain. The babe was only allowing me to form best friend but not more than that. And I settled for second best because I believed patience was a virtue. I was in this loveless, sexless state for a year bro. Love is really a stupid thing, don't get it twisted.

During this period, she was always at one person's studio or office. I thought she was hardworking. Well, I guess it's hard work anyway if you really think about it. That was how much of a good guy I was. And because of my 'goodness', I didn't know she was in a dashing bonanza spree.

Three things happened to me that opened my eyes. One day, I was talking with her, and one guy interrupted us. He wanted an artiste's manager's number. "Hey Mrs. ***** (the artiste's name), please I need his manager's number" the guy said. I saw her reaction from the corner of my eye. She wasn't happy the guy said it, and reprimanded him with her eyes. I knew what this meant, but I didn't want to believe. Love hides the fact.

Second clue; a guy who is close to the same artiste met her while I was with her. After greeting with her he jokingly said "our oga's wife." She was embarrassed and laughed it off. I noticed this, and was pretty sure something was going on between this artiste and the babe.

As fate would I have it our 'friendship' a.k.a struggleship began to unravel naturally mostly because I was tired of playing second fiddle anyway.

The third and final proof came from someone I knew who was close with the artiste. He told me how the love of my life visited the artiste's studio so much that she had become a nuisance. He told me that the artiste was using her for fun, and she didn't have enough sense to know that. He and his guys laughed at her whenever she came around.

When I heard this I gave up completely. From that day henceforth I never looked back. I deleted all her numbers on my phone and every other contact information. It was over since then.

The last time I ever saw her was the cinema in Alausa. It was Christmas Eve. She came to watch a movie with this well built guy. Lol. This was the same chick that told me she didn't like to go to the cinema. I smiled to myself when I saw her with this new guy. I inhaled the shisha from where I was and exhaled all her memories.

The entertainment industry is filled with so many of these women. They are hot and good to look at, but inside they are a mess. My advice, don't go near them because they only know pain and look for who to hurt.

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