In this lovely festivity, I have found out that my own neighbours are just useless, common Sallah meat they can’t give. Let me see them near my house when it’s Christmas. I won’t even give them a cup of juice.

The Bible says I should love my neighbour but when my neighbour refuses to love me then he is on his own. The same Bible says an eye for an eye. Case closed, equation solved.

It’s another two-day holiday, and while I like being lazy and staying at home doing nothing I have realized that we Nigerians don’t like to work. In a country that needs all hands on deck, we still find it okay to take 48 hours off work. Do you know how much money is lost during these two days? Why isn’t one day enough? The ‘good life’ has killed this country and that is why we are in this recession.

Let us enjoy all the free holidays. With the rise of unemployment in this country, many people will be forced to stay at home anyway. At least then every day will truly be a holiday for them.

Nigeria is a country that makes me frustrated. It seems as the world is advancing, Nigeria is backsliding to the dark ages. Are we that mentally challenged as a people? Even the little things we can’t get right.

A lot of us are still stuck in the past when Nigeria deceived the whole world that it was the ‘giant of Africa’. Well in a continent of dwarf nations it made sense that Nigeria was the giant. Right now we are even worse than the dwarfs. We need to get away from this dubious glorious past rhetoric and face the future.

Even in small things, Nigerians are still stuck in the past. Take for example last week when King Sunny Ade held a press conference for his 70th birthday celebrations.

During the conference, someone asked the Juju legend if he really had a crush on Onyeka Onwenu. That is a useless question. This question has somehow managed to be asked by unimaginative pressmen since the 80s till now. Gentlemen of the press please give it a break. If you have no sensible questions to ask please don’t raise your hands.

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King Sunny Ade and Onyeka Onwenu had a collaboration in the 80s. Even if they crushed on each other during that time, shouldn't it have been laid to rest now? Are Nigerian journalists so bored that they have to go back three decades to ask a question?

It is time to let go. The same advice I will give the journalists is the same I will give Nigerians- let go of the past. It is over. It is time to look into the future and create a new story. Nigerians are too stuck on now and what they can eat instead of planning for the future.