Pardon me. Where are my manners? I can be a Man Utd tout sometimes. Good morning. How was your weekend? Did you eat party jollof rice? Was Sunday service glorious? Did that brother in the Ushers’ Department finally say hi to you? Guys, did that babe respond to your WhatsApp message that you sent three weeks ago? I hope all the answers are yes and if not- well this is a new week with new hopes and dreams.

I just found out that today is National Girlfriends Day. I don’t know how they come up with these days but lo and behold there is a day set aside for girlfriends.

It’s an American thing (obviously) where girlfriends gather round and share a special bond of friendship. Knowing my Naija babes, this another day or rather avenue for them to milk their boyfriends. “Honey, today is National Girlfriends Day. Ehn, won’t you buy me anything like a Peruvian wig or an iPhone 6.” May transactional relationships not be the death of men and their pockets in Nigeria.

Now don’t get me wrong. I see nothing wrong in spending money on your significant other but when a woman uses money (or lack of it) as some sort of yardstick to express her love then it is no longer a relationship. It’s no different from the change of money that goes on in red light districts. Yes, yes, feminists you can start your protest.

Let’s leave the ‘money for my hand, love in your heart’ people and let’s see what’s happening in Nollywood. The veteran actor Kanayo O. Kanayo blew off some dust off his iPad and decided to shoot some tweets at these “kids of nowadays.”

You can read them below;

Now first of all this feels like the same rhetoric we have heard from old folks since time immortal. Surely you must have known one old person who loves droning on and on about how indecent kids are dressing these days. I know a few and I become seriously bored when they start their lectures.

I agree with egbon Kanayo on the point that parents should not dress their kids like they are going for a party in Quilox. Some parents don’t know the appropriate clothes to buy for their kids especially their daughters.

Where I disagree with Kanayo O. Kanayo is in the aspect of dancing. I was once a kid and I know that a lot of dances that I horribly did on the dance floor I saw on the television.

Yes I saw some moves on the music stations but other dance steps I learnt from watching movies. I guess that’s the situation these days with many children watching Nollywood movies that are littered with pointless party scenes and lewd dancing.

Except from the ‘New Nollywood’ flicks, the average Nigerian movie is cursed with an unnecessary club scene that last eight minutes. In this club scene, there’s a lot of lewd dancing and dry humping. I am not saying Nollywood is the reason for kids doing the nasty on the dance floor but it surely is one of many.

As an elder in the movie industry Kanayo O. Kanayo can help convince the wack Nollywood directors to do away with the tasteless party scenes. These kids surely didn’t learn how to dance in a provocative way on their own. It all comes from what they see- music videos and movies (Hollywood & Nollywood). Let’s not talk about the scandalous clothes some actresses wear in movies that has nothing to do with the plot or her role in the movie.

Nollywood should play it’s part in helping to restore some of our cherished but lost societal views. If I was egbon Kanayo I would start from his own backyard.