Baby mama arrangements better than marriage

Having a baby mama makes more sense than getting married.

Davido and Sophie Momodu, his baby mama

There’s an epidemic sweeping through our land, and breaking down homes. Babies are raised with no fathers, and our women float somewhere between concubines and house wives. In case you do not know, the baby mama fever has hit us big time.

Who is a baby mama?  Well, a baby mama is a woman who is unmarried to her child’s father. In the days of yore this used to be frowned upon, but in the days we live in it is the in thing.

I know a lot of men who have baby mamas. You would think in a land as ‘conservative’ as Nigeria that baby mamas would hardly exist, but what we have right now it is the opposite.

Baby mamas are everywhere now, high, middle or low class. I think one of the reasons why this has picked up as a trend is because famous people are into it, and once you are famous you have some amount of influence at least.

If you are a broke guy having a baby mama is stupid. First of all you are broke so that means you are not attractive to Naija chicks. You can be as handsome as Trey Songz, but without money these babes out here will treat you like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. So broke guys out there having a baby mama is not cool. When it’s time to pay for your child’s school fees you would regret not using a rubber.

Baby mamas are for the rich guys plain and simple like the Davidos and Wizkids of this world. If you are rich why settle down with one woman, when you can have lots of women?

Marriage is no longer a viable option for rich young guys. Marriage slows you down and makes you less ambitious. I know rich guys who wither when they get married. Why put yourself in such bondage, when you can have a baby mama and still be free as a bachelor? Marriage slows down your drive, and nothing kills a man faster than lack of ambition. So the best way out is to have a baby mama. It's the best of both worlds.

Our Naija celebrities are impregnating women everywhere. Popular opinion might say they are irresponsible but I will say they are smart. Which rich, famous guy is faithful or can stay faithful? It is better to have a baby mama arrangement than make your wife sad because you can’t have enough of the groupies. You have to choose the lesser of two evils, and I think having a baby mama is the lesser evil.

From a selfish point of view, why should I marry? I am rich, famous; I have millions of fans why should I get tied down to one woman now when I am in the prime of my youth? That’s self-imprisonment.

You can argue from the point of responsibility. A man who puts a lady in the family way should do the right and honourable thing by marrying her. That was in the ancient times bro. Let me counter that argument.

Men aren’t solely responsible for pregnancies. This is 2015. Any woman who is pregnant wanted to get pregnant. If she didn’t want to she would have been on the pill or forced the guy to wear a condom. So if we are talking about responsibility don’t stone the man with it. It starts from the woman.

As a matter of fact there are many women in this country that want to be a baby mama because of how the world has changed. Gone are the days when women were exclusive to just one man and remain faithful. Women cheat more than men. Firstly because there are more women in the world, and secondly they have higher sex drives.

This is the era of feminism and equal opportunity. If a rich celeb is out there fornicating, then a woman should do the same. Equal opportunity- baby mamas and baby daddys. There are many people trapped in sad marriages. A baby mama situation would have stopped all the tears and heartaches.

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