Our woman crush this Wednesday is Waje. “Words are just not enough” to describe this songbird with an African soul. What’s there not to love about her?

Her voice is celestial. Described on Wikipedia as having a vocal range covering three octaves, there are several times the singer has shown she’s not afraid to use it. Hitting high notes and stretching them as long as you could probably hold your breath for.

She’s a messenger of love. They don’t call her the love diva for nothing. It’s not just her voice that has the power to evoke emotions; the lyrics of her songs are just as heart-warming. Don’t believe us, we dare you to put on headphones, close your eyes and listen to ‘No be you’.

Waje is super stylish, she knows how to switch up her looks in a classy manner that grabs your attention and is not offensive. She’s not afraid to rock prints and bright colours.

Her love epistle goes beyond the music. The songster has launched a worldwide campaign for gender equality and opportunity which seeks to empower African women.

Watch Waje's live performance in video below: