The music star's baby mama recently shared documents pertaining to the custody and support of their son, Ayodeji jnr. In the documents, it was agreed that Wizkid would pay child support of $2000 monthly.

However, Binta revealed that since the agreement took effect in February 2018, she hasn't been able to get anything from Wizkid. Every move made to reach Wizkid through his lawyers have proved abortive as his legal team insists that they haven't been able to reach him.

She revealed that she has refused to sue him to court because his family members begged her so as avoid him from having immigration issues. Binta didn't end it there, she took to her Instagram stories on Monday, September 10, 2018, where she posted a number of posts, calling Wizkid a deadbeat dad.

"A deadbeat dad tells everyone he loves and misses his kids but makes no efforts to see them. He refuses to help support his children to better their lives. He doesn't put his kids on his priority list but he will for someone else's kids. So next time you hear how much he loves and misses his kids, ask when the last time that he saw them," she wrote.

This coming barely a few days after his first baby mama, Sola Ogudu called him out for the same reasons. Recall Wizkid had announced that he was going to build a school in Lagos, well Shola sent a subliminal message insisting that a child's school fees need to be paid.


While Wizkid plans to build Lagos public school, baby mama sends school fees reminder

Wizkid appears to be a good soul as he asks fans to help him in making a decision concerning where to build a public school in Lagos. While waiting for a feedback, his baby mama Oluwanishola Ogudu sends a subliminal response concerning the singer's noble plan. Her comment suggests that a child's school fees have not been paid.

But this did not dampen the support from the fan's section where a comment about Ogudu's lack of goodwill became part of the conversation. The conversation took a new turn from this as others think Wizkid should pay child support. With all his resources, taking care of his family should not be a problem thinks an Instagrammer.