The Lagos State Police Command has opened up on how it ended the beef between Starboy Entertainment singer,

The pair went into an online beef after Linda Ikeji’s Blog (LIB) reported a story concerning the expiration of Wizkid’s Lekki rent, which infuriated the singer.

Dolapo Badmos, the P.R.O of the Lagos State Police Command explained that it was the pair’s decision to settle their issue out of court.

According to Badmos, Wizkid had explained that his threat regarding having Ikeji beat up by his 16-year-old cousin was only an emotional outburst.

She acknowledged that though the threat was criminal in nature, but the pair were able to resolve their misunderstanding through an Alternative Dispute resolution (ADR).

This came after Ikeji released an article on why she reported Wizkid to the Lagos State Police, stating that she did it to protect women from violent abuse.

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