Seems like Wizkid and Justin Skye are still in the love nest. The duo who were reported to have ended their short romance are still together or so it seems.

Despite strong rumours, Wizkid and Justin Skye have never come out to say they were dating or that they have broken up as a matter of fact.

Below is a time line of their 'troubled' relationship:

June 2016

Rumours began to surface that the 26-year-old and American singer Justine Skye, 20 had started dating.

These rumours were based off a couple of indirect tweets from Wizzy and Justin Skye.

The female singer signed to Roc Nation had also previously expressed her admiration for Wizkid and his music. The two were also spotted working together in a studio.

July 22, 2016

The pair were seen together at One Music Africa Fest. Top music blogger Ovie tweeted that "Wizkid's girlfriend Justine Skye is going on stage with him right about now."

He also posted a photo of Wizkid and Justine Skye together from the pop star's SnapChat with the caption "When you're single but you also have a beautiful American superstar girlfriend."

August 25, 2016

The pop star was absent from Justine Skye's birthday bash in Los Angeles.

Even though he could not make it Wizkid sent a birthday message to her on her birthday. "Happy birthday!!!" he wrote alongside a sexy photo of the singer.

September 11, 2016

Wizkid sorts of confirms his relationship with Justin Skye. He shares a photo of himself embracing Justine Skye on his Instagram page.

He goes on to disable the comments which he knows would be filled with relationship talk and chatter.

January 2017

Tales of their separation hits the web. The duo go cold on social media and stop sharing photos of themselves fuelling separation rumours.

July 16, 2017

Stars reignite rumours of relationship. On her SnapChat yesterday, Justine Skye hung out with Wizkid during a photoshoot and brought him a birthday cake.

Justin Skye recently liked a Wizkid tweet which has since been deleted.

In the tweet, Wizkid wrote "Baby gal going no where! U belong to me" then added a devil emoji.