Wizkid has no interest in Nigerian politics because he feels politicians are a joke.

The music star was asked by a fan on Twitter on Tuesday, August 22, 2017, if he wished to join politics in future. His feedback was not so desirable. "Hmmmm not really.. Just funny what i see and read sometimes," he tweeted in response to the question.

That was after tweeting, "Government for my country na joke!"

Starboy has managed to gain acceptance in the far shores of the US ever since his 'One dance' collaboration with Drake.

His popularity among international fans has almost become seamless and he has his refined musical style to thank for that.

He is now in the hierarchy of African stars who have broken off the status of being continental celebrities to gaining recognition on a world stage.

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The recent release of his new work "Sounds From the Other Side" which had inputs from the likes of Drake, Chris Brown and Trey Songz has certainly helped cement his rapid rise to fame.

All the tracks on the project are clear justification of why the singer is highly regarded internationally.

There is really nothing much for him to prove.