Williams Uchemba has helped put a smile on the face of child whose photo went viral a few days ago by reuniting him with his family.

It would be recalled the photo of a little boy sleeping by the side of the road with his wares went viral a few days ago with people reacting to the sad photo. Well, Williams didn't only react to the photo with comments as he took it upon himself to help get the child out of the street.

He took to his Instagram page on Thursday, July 5, 2018, where he gave a detailed breakdown of how he was able to help the little child reunite with his family in Akwa Ibom state.

"I found him..his name is Joseph and I was just told he hasn’t eaten anything for 3 days well this is his last day on the street. Thanks, @queen_stephaniejames, and @unilagolodo for finding him," he captioned one of the videos on his Instagram page.

In another photo, Williams Uchemba talks about how he wants to send the little boy, Joseph back to school on scholarship.

"So I had a video chat with Joseph, he is 10 years old and his from Akwa Ibom state. He told me that he is living with a woman that took him from his parents in the village and promised that she will send him to school in Lagos because his parents couldn’t afford to train him, but when he got to Lagos instead of school the lady put him on the street to sell things and bring money back to her.

"I have tried to talk with the lady to have a better understanding of the situation but she doesn’t want to talk instead she said we can take the boy. I have spoken with Joseph and he said he wants to go back home and go to school because his parents who he hasn’t seen or spoken to doesn’t know that he is hawking in Lagos, and yes he hasn’t eaten in 3 days.. Anyway I want to clean him up today and put him on the flight today to Akwa Ibom with some people, know what the parents needs and put him on Scholarship with the help of God.

"He has a bright future( I can tell) and if not for anything kids his age are not suppose to be on the street but in school..he is one out of many and I can’t take all off the road alone so I urge you to help the ones you can when you see them.." he wrote.

Well, guys, Joseph is already in Akwa Ibom, obviously on his first flight ever and will be having a new life all thanks to the amazing actor, Williams Uchemba. This isn't the first time we will be seeing celebrities help change the lives of people, especially children.

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Don Jazzy donates 500,000 naira to young boy in viral video

When the video of a little boy, Taju went viral a few weeks ago, Don Jazzy took it upon himself to assist the child by donating N500,000 to help send him back to school. According to the comedian, AY who took to his Instagram page on Wednesday, June 13, 2018, he said Don Jazzy had contacted him to donate the said amount of money to help send Taju to school. He went on to put up a photo of the conversation he had with Don Jazzy where he promised to help the young boy.

"@donjazzy just reached out to me with 500k waiting for little Taju to go to school. We are still waiting to get proper information concerning meeting with him and his parents in Ibadan. Many thanks to @sotayogaga @funmiawelewa @adeniyijohnson who shared the video to our notice. I am so sure with the involvement of @moabudu @falzthebahdguy @iamsmade @_kehindebankole @iambimbothomas and other well-meaning Nigerians we shall make this happen to many other Tajus out there. God bless you all. #tajugoestoschool," he captioned the photo.