There seems to be an unfolding drama as Wande Coals baby mama has called him out for abducting their son.

According to NewsmakersNG, Temitope Ogunnusi, Wande's baby mama, dropped out of secondary school at the age of 16 after being impregnated by 23-year-old singer, back in 2008. The love child, Joseph, is now 10 years old and Tope has not seen him for 8 years.

Tope told NewsmakersNG that when she told Wande that he was going to be a father, the singer rejected the pregnancy. “Do you want to kill my career?” he allegedly asked Temitope.  He denied paternity of the baby and left the neighborhood so Temitope would not see him again. After delivery, Wande’s mom, Mrs. Omolara OluwayemisiOjosipe, arranged to see the baby.

A DNA test was conducted in 2010 and it showed the singer as the father of Joseph. The baby was however allegedly abducted by the mom after cajoling Tope to allow him to come and spend some time with her. She thereafter reportedly blocked every means of communication between her son and Tope. Temitope said she told her: “My son cannot marry a low-class woman.” The gateman was also instructed never to open the gate for her.

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She called many times, but Mrs. Ojosipe would not pick her call. Whenever she used a strange number, the woman would get angry and rain curses on her, telling her “never to call this line again.”

Tope revealed that she had spent the last 8 years waking up with tears on her pillow and pain in her heart. “Please just let me see my son," she begged while being interviewed. “He’s the only one I’ve got.”

Pulse, reached out to Wande Coal 's camp concerning the allegation and they revealed that the singer would soon release a press statement. "Thank you for reaching out. In due time, Wande Coal will make an official statement. Regards. Booking Office," they said.

Wande Coal has joined the list of celebrities who have been called by their baby mamas as we can recall that comedian, Klint D Drunkwas recently accused by his baby mama, Sandra Novo Jacob for not taking care of their love child.