Nigerian pop singer, Waje, has joined

The singer, who recently got a bit of action in respect to how Nigeria's top public servants organise themselves took to Instagram on Monday, August 29, 2016, to share an image from the visit.

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Waje said: “I am not affiliated to any political party but I support all leaders of all backgrounds from all regions of our country who are working to Make Naija Stronger and taking action to ending extreme poverty and preventable disease in Nigeria – this goes beyond politics. This is every Nigerian’s business.

That is why I am a champion for the ONE Campaign Make Naija Stronger drive.  Right now, I am committed to working, alongside the 2.3 million members of ONE Nigeria members, to spur positive CHANGE in my country.

If the government hears our collective voice to better fund the health system in Nigeria, in just five years the Make Naija Stronger (MNS) Campaign could positively impact the lives of 100,000,000 citizens.

Please join us by signing the MakeNaijaStronger petition at

Apart from her admiration for change policies, Waje was also excited about getting to interact with Bono, and Dangote.

Waje expressed this in another Instagram comment where she posted a picture of herself with Bono and Dangote saying, "In the midst of greatness #makenaijastronger".

The pair had just concluded a visit to a camp where 2.3 million displaced people were receiving shelter.