With the intensity with which celebrities have been slamming internet trolls in 2016,

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The Nollywood actress has given the mildest reply ever to an internet troll who tried fat shaming her after she shared a red carpet photo of herself at a movie premiere, yesterday, April 3, 2016.

Jumbo shared the photo, showing her rocking a dazzling red dress at the premiere of Omoni Oboli's 'Wives On Strike', only to get criticized over her body size.

Following the unwanted and distasteful comments on a full photo she had first shared, Jumbo shared a photo collage of her look for the night, replying:

"This is the BODY #iloveIt #dealwithit now let's us all go and worry about important things like ..when is this fuel situation over?. .when can our energy / power improve? etc trust me there are so many things that you should worry about..my BODY is not one of them.in fact let's all worry about  making investment back by heading to a cinema near you this Friday and tagging a friend to tell a friend about @wivesonstrike. I Love#ujlovers always so let's make #WivesOnStrike #1 #lovethebodyyouarein #HOTmama #Actor #filmmaker #studioHead #Entrepreneur #MamaMatthew #MrsRodriguez#Adangaga1ofAbiriba #AbabroughtUp #Abiastatepride."

The new mum who had stunned at the event, went on to share more captivating photos from the event.

See more lovely photos above.

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