Savvy Nigerian actress,

She shared the photo above with the words,

"I usually won’t do this but it’s kind of getting tiring with the ‘you are FAT’ comments here please I have mirrors in my house, I came from this place in this picture after Matthew was born from 243 pounds to 198 pounds, not anywhere near where I want to be but still working on my weight like most women so if you are one of those that only get into the comments section to write how ‘FAT’ I am?

Please do yourself the favour of unfollowing this page NOW. You can always take your comments to the blogs that way we are both happy. #zerotoleranceforstupidity."

Uche also recently responded to an insult on Twitter back in Fabruary.

A Twitter user described newly married actressMonalisa Chinda a ‘veteran spinster’ and questioned when Uche Jombo,Genevieve Nnaji, and Rita Dominic would get married.

“The name is Uche JOMBO…Mrs Rodriguez if u like words like 'veteran spinster' shouldn't be part of English language,”  Uche clapped back with an epic reply.