Tyga has been slapped with a fresh lawsuit for owing a car loan company in Arizona.

In documents filed in Maricopa County Court in Phoenix, Choice Motor Credit is going after Tyga, claiming he owes $357,250 for a Lamborghini Aventador the lender helped him buy, as well as $91,150 for a 2014 Bentley Mulsanne the company has already repossessed. Tyga has not commented on his latest lawsuit.

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According to its suit, the company says it financed Tyga’s purchase of a Lamborghini back in June 2013, with a plan that called for the rapper to make payments of $11,520.10 a month for seven years (for a total of $967,688.40). The car loan company says in its filing that while Tyga made some payments, he has fallen very far behind and "ignored CMC’s demands" for payment. Now, Tyga owes $357,350.77 for the Lamborghini, and the company is seeking to repossess.

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The car loan company further claims it helped Tyga buy a 2014 Bentley Mulsanne in March 2015. That financing plan had Tyga paying $5,966.95 for 73 months (for a total of $435,587.35). He allegedly fell so quickly behind with his payments on the Bentley that Choice Motor Credit repossessed it in February.

"CMC sold the Bentley in order to mitigate its damages, but the sale resulted in a deficiency balance of $91,152.67,” reads lawsuit by the car loan company, which wants that money paid back, too.

Tyga is yet to comment.