Not that I am in support of men beating up women or anything like that, but isnt it high time the world finally forgive

Its been five years since Brown proved he was nothing but a beast when he damaged the face of his then girlfriend over something fans are yet to know about. But its also taken the troubled pop star almost the same time period to repeatedly say "Im sorry" to all those he hurt and disappointed with that single action. So, why is it proving so difficult for him to be forgiven?

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From crying his eyes out on stage at the 2010 BET Awards to spending hardjail time in California to even been denied entry visas into some countries for been considered a violent human being, hasn't Breezey been punished enough? I mean, it's not like he's beaten up another woman since!

Yes, Brown has done his fair share of been a nuisance to those around him [allegedly destroying his mother's car to stalking Karrueche Tran after their split] but since becoming a father himself, there's no denying that he's trying his best to becomimg a better person. At least, he's managed to stay out of the courtroom!

Brown is 26… just 26, like some have once been. Isn't he entitled to making huge mistakes or rant carelessly on social media like [a 38-year-old Kanye West often does?] Why does the media sometimes read so much into his "ignorant" words or turn them against him most of the time?  Must his weird neck tattoo be about Rihanna's battered face? Must his new Pyramid clothing line be linked to Illuminati? Must his love life bother the women who can't have him? Hasn't he agreed he actually hurt Karrueche and she has finally moved on? Why throw jabs at him all the time like he doesn't deserve to live his own life?

Of course no one forced him to be a celebrity and no one is saying he hasn't understood what celebrity lifestyle means but through his music and a strong, prayerful mother on his side, Brown is trying to live a normal life again. Besides, Rihanna has forgiven him for what he did to her. Why can't the world do the same?


Chris Brown drops the hottest jams on the planet, gives fans the best entertainment on stage and has stopped smoking for the sake of his daughter. How much more can he get better if you keep smashing him down every time he struggles to stand up?

Should an American judge prevent him from owning cell phones and computers so he won't post "embarrassing" messages on social media? But isn't he also entitled to his own opinion [like Donald Trump?] At least, he hasn't condemned homosexuality or sex transition or even slam the Grammy's for being #toowhite! So where's the problem exactly? Are you tired of his music or you just don't want to see him alive?

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After all said and done, the father-of-one has come out with a new documentary - Welcome To My Life - to finally address the stupid action he took that 'almost' ruined his career…. but then again, the media did not hesitate to call it a fluke. New York Magazine even called it "garbage" like they don't know how much effort was put behind the production of that documentary. Shameful!

Maybe people are getting it all mixed up! 'Welcome To My Life' isn't about Brown's flamboyant lifestyle or the number of cars, watches he has or women he sleeps with. No! It's about regret, acceptance and moving on… something anyone would do to prevent depression or suicide. Is he not to be encouraged to finally move on [like Maria Sharapova is getting for failing a drug test or Charlie Sheen for being HIV positive after living a reckelss life?]

As its often said, "two wrongs can't make a right". Let him do what he has to do to move past that nightmare. Besides, he's not the first young star to go crazy in public. Terrence Howard  admitted to being violent to his women yet he's shining on 'Empire'.  Justin Bieber almost got deported from America for his reckless behavior, yet America applauds him for beating his demons. Former US president Bill Clinton cheated on his wife but is now been praised as one of the country's greatest leaders. Caitlyn Jenner murdered a woman yet was given the Arthur Ashe Courage Award for bravery. When will all these hypocrisy stop or is this whole thing about racism or some big guys who just want to destroy Breezey's life for selfish reasons?

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Let Chris Brown be him and let him correct his errors the best way he can. All he needs is our support and he also has to learn how not to make haters know thier pettiness get to him. If we have learn to forget that Jay Z used to be a drug dealer and see him as  the great H.O.V then Breezey's stupidity five years ago could be forgiven and let go!