Media personality, Toke Makinwa has amassed 250 thousand instagram followers and couldn't contain her excitement today.

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"We are at 250k followers on Instagram!!!!! Yihaaaaaaa. You guys are the real MVP's. Some people might say it's only 250k but I don't sing, rap, act, twerk or to some people sef I don't even have talent. (it's ok) Thru it all God alone lifts my head. I have had the worst things said about me, people I know have tried to take food from my mouth but I remember at the start of my career, God told me

"You will hold your peace Omotoke and I will fight for you.

"That is my secret. Thank you God that you are not MAN. I stay in my lane n I do me. Enough of the epistle, you guys rock! Yes I'm excited and yes it's not just Instagram.... It pays my bills too."

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Meanwhile, the Vlogger seems to have moved on from the controversy surrounding her marriage which hit the rocks earlier this year.