Toke Makinwa in her new book says she watched her mother burn in a fire accident at the age of eight.

"In movies, you sometimes see a scene with someone burning from head to toe, screaming and trying to fight the flames. It happened right in front of me. Everyone ran back trying to figure out who it was and how to put out the flames, shouting advice from a safe distance.

It took me a moment to realise that it was mum. I stood glued to the spot, watching her burn."

"I was eight years old when mum and dad died. And life continued.

"From being a bubbly, friendly child, I became withdrawn and taciturn. From being the child who always came first in class, I went to the bottom of the class."

The gist all around town is Toke Makinwa's new book 'undefined with her ex-husband Maje Ayida. But, the book also talks about growing up with a strict and loving parents. Their loss, her rebellion and finding true love.