It is no longer news that an On-Air personality,Misi called out Tiwa Savage a few days ago while interviewing Yemi Alade but what is new that, Dotun (Another OAP) is coming to the defense of the singer.

Dotun took to his Twitter page on Thursday, July 12, 2018, where he shared quite a number of tweets where he talked about OAPs not crossing the line in broadcasting.

"Now I saw the Tiwa story and this is my take on a few OAPs. It is okay to have an opinion but you shouldn’t cos of the ethics but if you must, stop pulling off a “Chalarmagne” on things you know nothing about or things that are clearly not true.

In another tweet, Dotun called the OAP from Hot FM, saying she was only ass kissing for making such comments.

"The will to be popular amongst a few OAPS cracks me up. It is not by being controversial or daring. I am all of these but be objective while u are at it. The HOT FM lady was desperately a** kissing & it is the trend these days. Ask the right questions, be daring but be objective," he tweeted.

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He also called out Yemi Alade, citing that it is women in the industry that don't support each other as they are their own problem.

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"As for Yemi, the real reason why women in Nigeria can not boast of the huge numbers in music is cos you don’t support each other. So, all these advocacy of “support our ladies” is a hoax cos you ladies are actually the problem. The guys already love you, so what is the problem?'' he added.

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It would be recalled that a few days ago Yemi Alade was a guest at Hot FM where she made some controversial statements.

Yemi Alade says there is no number 1 artist in Nigeria

Yemi Alade has stated that she is at the same level as the likes of Wizkid and Davido and anyone who thinks otherwise can go ask the show promoters who have all the numbers. In an Interview on Hot 98.3 Fm, Yemi Alade spoke on a number of topics ranging from happenings in the country, adjusting to stardom and comparisons within the music industry.

I respect everybody, we all inspire each other in this industry... there is actually no number one because your top five artistes in Nigeria that are the biggest in Africa can shut down the exact same capacity, the same capacity Wizkid holds down in Africa, I hold it down, the same capacity Davido holds down in Africa, I hold it down, the same venues, we all shut it down. So there is no number one, and that is the truth but not everybody will agree to that, people will say Yemi shut up but that is the truth.. why don't we go ask the promoters, the people who know the numbers?''