In the year 2012 a gruesome murder happened in the music industry that shook everyone.

The scene of the crime was at 1004 flats in Victoria Island, Lagos. The victim was the night club owner Susan Yusuf aka Suzy Q. Prior to her death Suzy Q was the owner of SQ Lounge which was formerly Club Jonzing nightclub co-owned by of Mavin Records.

In 2011 the pair disagreed over the direction which the club was being managed and money. Shortly after Suzy Q took over the club and called it SQ Lounge.

The new club did not last very long. On February 10, 2012 Suzy Q was found dead in her 1004 apartment. She was stabbed to death by a man who was believed to be her boyfriend Idris.

According to NET who ran an exclusive story on the murder, the incident happened around 9:30pm on the sixth floor where her flat was located.

It was reported that the couple were indoors all evening when suddenly they started arguing. During the argument Idris reportedly picked up a bread knife and stabbed Suzy Q.

When she was being stabbed it was said that she was screaming the name of Wande Coal who was her neighbour. Apparently the then Mo’ Hits singer couldn’t hear Susan Yusuf’s cries for help because the music in his flat was too loud. “She was shouting Wande’s name but the music as usual was too loud for him to hear” a resident of 1004 told NET.

Susan’s screams however did alert her other neighbours. Upon entering her flat they tried to apprehend Idris. Trying to escape Idris jumped from the sixth floor and died after landing.

Suzy Q however did not die immediately. She died in the elevator when she was being rushed to the hospital. An eyewitness said she bled out from her numerous stab wounds.

Since the murderer Idris died it was an open and close case for the Nigerian Police Force.

Susan Yusuf was buried on March 23, 2012 at Victoria Garden Cemetery.