In Nigerian celebrity-dom, there's none like Genevieve Nnaji. The woman is not only in a class all by herself, she also can do no wrong both in the eye of the public and even among her fellow celebrities. But what is it exactly that makes Genevieve such a trail blazer and how has she remained unbeatable?

In case you didn't know, the road to celebrity-dom can be filled with brown envelops, hotel room (or even car park)rendezvous and countless bottles of Henne. This is not to take away from the honest, hardworking folks of the Nigerian entertainment scene who toil hard  to make a difference, but essentially the point is the road to becoming a Nigerian celebrity can be littered with hardship and struggle.

So you finally manage to get your single some airplay or you squander your entire life savings on producing that one movie and all of these efforts pay off in sold-out shows/movie tickets. To even top things off, you take delivery of a clean Tokunbo SUV which is featured on every Nigerian blog. You also begin talks to move into a Lekki home and most importantly, your Instagram followers triple so that you actually have people to show off the goodness of the Lord to. Celebrity status achieved right? Not quite. You still need to earn your way to A-list. Enter Genevieve Nnaji.

Here's how you can become an A-list celebrity like Genevieve Nnaji: