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The rapper took to his Instagram page today, August 20, 2016, to share photos of the 2016 Bentley truck he just acquired.

One of the photos showed him shaking hands with the dealer as he sealed the deal on the truck which still had all its wraps intact.

Commenting on the photo, the Compton rapper wrote:

"[SOLD] to the big black guy with all the tats from Compton.... & as @kodakblack would say..... "Skrt Skrt" lmao #BentleyTruck #Woop"

The Game has always had mind boggling tastes in cars and the Bentley truck joins a Jeep, a Ferrari, a Chevrolet, a Rolls Royce Ghost, a dodge challenger, a Bugatti Veyron, a leather-wrapped Ferrari and more.

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The Game's collection of cars continues to bulge and this beauty does just justice to the rest.