Terrence Howard was so nervous he had to give his partner, Taraji P. Henson, an awkward kiss on stage as both presented an award at the 2015 Emmy Awards on September 20.

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The 46-year-old actor has been slammed on social media for his 'regular' bizarre appearances after his Oscar meltdown earlier this year.

This time the actor accompanied his on-screen ex-wife Taraji Henson who looked strangely nervous beside him -  and then even more strangely admitted as much.

After arriving on stage sweaty, fidgety and wearing sunglasses, he grimaced as he removed them and began their scripted intro.

''Now there are some similarities between who we are in real life and who we play on TV,'" he said before turning to the 45-year-old. "Yes, in real life Terrence is a self-taught musician," she said before he interrupted to scoff at her pronunciation of "musician".

After she fluffed her line, she blurted "You make me nervous!" - which no doubt made some in attendance squirm in their seat, following the actor's recent admission he beat his ex-wife.

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The exchange brought back memories of his bizarre Oscar speech back in February, when he rambled and sounded close to tears, which he later claimed was him choking after trying to learn his lines instead of reading the teleprompter.

Terrence also confused fans by showing up on the Emmy's red carpet with his ex-wife Mira Pak, despite secretly divorcing her earlier this year.

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