The 19-year old who works as a check-out chick at Target, said since her 16th birthday or thereabouts, people have been telling her that she resembled “Taylor Swift with brown hair.” The resemblance then became even more striking after she cut her hair short.

So much is the closeness in appearance that even the real Taylor Swift invited the teenager backstage to meet her during her tour of Australia late last year.

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“She saw a post on my Tumblr account and then she got her people to find me,” Sturgiss said.

“She was really nice, she was so down to Earth. I think if she didn’t have an American accent, you’d think she had been raised here or in England, because she has that cool, dry humour.”

The celebrity doppelganger has 44,000 Instagram followers, but is still aware of the fact that fame is only temporary.

“It’s opened up a lot of opportunities so I’d say that it’s helped me a bit,” she said, “but there comes a point where that will end and you obviously have to rely on your own talent and your own hard work.”

Watch Taylor Swift's 'Bad blood' music video below: