Soso Soberekon demands apology and 500 million naira in damages from Harrysong for defamation

October 5th 2022, 11:27:20 am

Nigerian music promoter, businessman, and socialite Soso Soberekon has demanded an apology and the sum of 500 million naira from Harrysong over libelous comments made by the artist.

Harrysong, Soso Soberekon

How it began: Harrysong appeared as a guest on a podcast called "Frankly Speaking" where he made claims that Mr. Soso Soberekon was after his life and had sent people to kill him in Port Harcourt.

When asked by the host if he had evidence to back up his wide claim, the artist stated that he had documentary evidence in the form of pictures to back off his bold claim.

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Soso Soberekon and Harrysong were believed by fans to be friends given that the two were affiliates of the Five Star music group to which Harrysong was previously signed. In disproving the claims of friendship and setting the record straight, Harrysong revealed that contrary to popular notion, he and Soso were in fact not friends and the latter was even after his life.

Soso Soberekon fights back: Soso's Lawyers have addressed a letter to the artists over his comments.

The letter dated 4th, October 2022 demanded "an immediate retraction, an apology, and payment of five hundred million naira for the libelous publication made of and concerning the person of Mr. Soso Soberekon on all social media platforms."

The letter further stated that there was no factual basis to his claim and it was merely a smear campaign to diminish Soso in the eyes of right-thinking members of the society and paint him as a "serial killer".

The letter gave Harrysong 7 days to meet their demands or face a legal suit for exemplary damages for injurious falsehood and malicious publication.

Adeayo Adebiyi
Adeayo Adebiyi is a Music Reporter at Pulse.


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