On January 14, 2015 wife of Shina Peters  Sammie Ayoka Peters was reported to be down with cancer and being treated in US.

She has finally come out to address the claims that she is a chronic cancer patient saying that the cancer was caught early. In an interview with City People on January 26, 2015, Sammie who has been Shina Peter's wife for about 31 years said

"It is true she was diagnosed but that the ailment was blown out of proportion. We should just Thank God. Cancer is not a death sentence, if you discover it early, it is easy to stop it at once. That is what we have done. Right now, it is under control, I thank God for giving us the right discretion to take the step in time"

"I was never hospitalised for a day, I take my medication from home and I am hale and hearty in Jesus name. I am very happy that you called. A lot of people have equally called only to find out that the information was overblown".

Congratulations to the family for dodging a bullet there.