A video of the self-acclaimed billionaire in bed with the girl went viral yesterday and hours later, reports surfaced that the girl in the video is a minor with an allegation that Shatta Bandle may have slept with her.

Some social media upon seeing the bedroom video have since been calling for Shatta Bandle to be arrested but in response, he says the report is untrue because the girl wasn't naked and there were people in the room before the video recorded.

"What is going on, every poverty person get bad mind. If you don't do something they will say you've done it" he said during an Instagram live session and continued that " it doesn't sense, how can I rape 15 years or 16 years girl, it can't be possible".

Explaining the viral video, he emphasized that "the time we taking the video, many people dey inside the room and you bloggers take the video say I rape 16 years girl, what kind of life is that, or are you people villagers?"

According to Shatta Bandle "always we are thinking about money, we are not thinking about sex, sex is nothing, how much do you buy p*ssy?".

He further explained that "yesterday I get programme there and I go there, I didn't do anything, there were plenty girls in that room and we doing that snap one by one. Even when I was going there, I took my girlfriend there".

Hear more from him in the video below.