Placing trust in some of his loved ones has often meant pain for the comedian who makes a note on his Instagram on Saturday, January 12, 2019.

His thoughts about unfaithful friends was inspired after a conversation with his wife who asked him about his life experiences.

"Those who I have trusted the most have been my greatest enemies, always talking without been asked or succumbing to lies about me, but as I leave them behind," Seyi Law shared on IG.

Seyi Law has encouraged his IG followers to move away from being so guarded. [Instagram/seyilaw1]

Earlier in January, it was more about opening up about one's pain. The stand-up comic pushes for a will to overcome fear.

By being so guarded, realizing such goal may prove difficult.

"The day wey the yansh of some of us go open, the world go nearly end, but it won't. Be open with your pains, embrace the ridicules and live life anew."