He needs no introduction as he is known not just because he is Fela Anikulapo Kutis son but because of his amazing talent.

Seun Kuti is the leader of the Egypt 80 band which was originally his later father's band. These are a few things you would love to know about the music star.

1. Early life

Seun Kuti was born on January 11, 1983, to the music legend and Nigeria's biggest music export, Fela AnikulapoKuti. He was known to have always been around his father from his early age. His music influence began after it was reported that he told his father that he wanted to sing for him at the tender age of 9.

2. Music career

It is no news that Seun's music career began at a very early age as he joined his father's band, "Egypt 80" where he began to show his amazing talent not just for singing but also playing the instrument. Just after his father, Fela died in 1997, Seun Kuti took over the leadership of the band and led it to a number of its tours worldwide. Till date, Seun tours around the world with the "Egypt 80" band.

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3. Activism

Like they say, a fruit does not fall far from its tree, Seun's passion and zeal towards activism show the immense influence his father Fela had on him. Fela back in the days was known to have used his music to call out the government for their inefficiencies. Today, Seun is using the social media as a tool to push for good governance.

4. Family

Seun Kuti comes from a family of talented siblings and a father whose talent and music still stays fresh in the minds of music lovers and critics. His elder brother, Femi is a music icon who is seen as another major influencer in the entertainment world. His sister, Yeni  is a media personality, manager of the Afrikan Shrine. Seun and his girlfriend, YetundeGeorge Ademiluyi welcomed a baby girl on 16 December 2013 and named her Ifafunmike Adara Anikulapo-Kuti.

To become an activist and voice of the people comes with a lot of down sides. For every time Seun has called out the government of the day for their lackadaisical attitudes towards its people, he has received backlash from the government quarters. Seun is an advocate for the the legalisation of weed.