OAP Daddy Freeze is demanding for answers about the current situation of Mayowa Ahmed, the stage 4 cancer patient Nigerians raised over 80 million naira for.

According to him, the public has the right to know if she is being taken care of and questioned why Mayowa had still not been flown out of the country for treatment even though over N120 million has been raised by the #SaveMayowa fund.

He wrote, "5 million Naira was allegedly raised in a Nigerian bank, and $100,000 US dollars in a go fund me account, bringing the alleged total money raised to nearly =N=122,000,000 it is alleged that Mayowa still hasn't left Nigeria and my question is why?

If it's a visa issue, let us know, so we can all put our heads together to make sure she gets a visa.

If they can't find an airline to airlift her, we need to know so we can find an air ambulance or appeal to good meaning members of the society, especially pastors who own private jets, to fly her to wherever she needs to be flown for treatment.

It would be most painful, if after all the effort, she still doesn't get the treatment she deserves.

The public was asked to help Mayowa raise $100,000 about N32 million for treatment at Emory international hospital Atlanta, and so far over =N=122 million which is four times the amount requested was raised, and as of today 8th of August 2016, Mayowa is allegedly still in Lagos.


1. What is holding Mayowa from going to the US? Almost 2 weeks after the money was raised?

2. Why has this story been swept under the carpet? The public raised these funds and the public wants to know if she is being taken care of.

All I want is treatment for this lovely woman who cried her heart out to Nigerians, asking for assistance. I believe that it is my right to know if she is receiving that treatment! ~FRZ"

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The plight of Ahmed Mayowa Shukurat, a cancer patient touched the hearts of Nigerians and the hashtag #savemayowa trended as Nigerians far and wide united to contribute in hopes of saving the life of this young woman.

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In two to three days, over $100,000 was raised via a GoFundMe page while about N30M was believed to have been deposited into her local bank account.

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But things turned sour when popular actress and drama queen Toyin Aimahku, who once spearheaded the cause to save Mayowa, later turned against it, claiming it was a scam.