Music producer Samklef who is about to drop his second album 'Sound of Music' recently spoke about the current relationship between him and his frequent collaborator Wizkid.

Speaking to Hip TV the artiste/producer said that he and Wizkid have been cool for a while and didn't settle recently despite media reports that they just made up.

"I am not perfect. Wizkid is not perfect, but the good thing is that we even met on my birthday, February 5th. That's when we met. I didn't tell any media we've settled, but the media took it up and it is cool for me. We've settled for a very long time" said Samklef.

Last year October Samklef blasted Wizkid online for an apparent lack of support.

Pulse first broke the news that the pair had made up in April 2015. Samklef announced that he and Wizkid had reconciled at his birthday party.

"I want 2 humbly appreciate my and my bro wizkid met on my bday feb 5th and laughed over everything. .. sometimes we disagree almost as often as we agree. to those i i've wronged i asked for forgiveness.. to those that wronged me i forgive you from the depth of my heart God bless wiz and God bless me 2......." wrote Samklef on Instagram April 21, 2015.