Rich Hommie Quan could get a visit from child protective services after a video of him getting high in the presence of his young son landed online on September 23.

The US rapper was recorded smoking weed while carrying his one-year-old son, Royal Lamar, in his lap. Worse of all, the child was inhaling the smoke from the weed.

Funny thing is, Quan was neither ashamed of his actions nor was he even trying to hide it from the child or from Snapchat!

The rapper says something to the camera -- after blowing out a huge puff of smoke -- but it's hard to make out. We suspect he might be kinda high.

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TMZ reports that it's possible the rapper was not smoking marijuana, and it's really a hand-rolled cigarette. But it's not like that would be any better for the toddler.

It's obvious, Quan won't be picking up a best father of the year trophy this year or soon. Watch the video below: