We don’t get to see photos of a mother and daughter looking sexy in bikini every other day but these photos of Regina Askia and her daughter, Stephanie will keep the guys drooling.

The former beauty queen and actress took to her Instagram page on Monday, August 6, 2018, where she shared photos of her daughter and herself.

Obviously, Regina and her daughter are vacating at the Turks and Caicos Islands where they took out time to post bikini photos. Trust us guys, you will all agree that Regina, despite being in her 50s still has the body of a runway model.

It is so obvious that the veteran actress and her daughter have an amazing relationship as this isn't the first time we will be seeing cute photos of these beautiful women.

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Regina Askia; Pretty mum! Pretty daughter!

Regina Askia's beauty hasn't faded and has even been inherited by her daughter as seen in the new photo released by the actress. This striking resemblance between the beautiful veteran actress and her daughter can be noticed in a photo released on Thursday, March 1, 2018, on her Instagram page. You could pass both mother and child for sisters as they looked really beautiful.

Apart from having a striking resemblance, Regina Askia, and her daughter, Stephanie has this special bond which we all noticed back in 2016 when they both visited Nigeria for the holidays. Their visit to Nigeria also got a lot of people talking about how so much they look alike.

Regina Askia celebrates her 50th birthday with family and friends

Back in 2017, Regina Askia was in Nigeria to celebrate her 50th birthday with family and friends. The former beauty queen turned actress is said to in the country to celebrate her birthday with elders and citizens of Ukanafun Ikot Ekpad, her hometown in Awka Ibom state. The birthday which was on November 18, 2017, was celebrated by the veteran actress and people of her community.

Regina Askia who left Nollywood in the late 90’s, got married to American, Rudolph 'Rudy' Williams and they have two kids. Stephanie is from a previous relationship.