On Thursday, April 28, 2016,

He painted the perfect picture of a man beaten, broken down and battered by his powerful and 'ungrateful' superstar wife, when all he wanted was just a home cooked meal and some 'respeck' on his name.

Though he was bashed by many for 'washing their dirty undies' in a public space, he also garnered some sympathy from the league of 'Successful Women Bashers', who literally camped out on Tiwa’s Instagram page and other social media handles, sending her cooking recipes, calling her hoe, etc.

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However, the tables turned the following day, after Tiwa in an exclusive video interview released by Pulse, addressed Tee Billz’s accusations. If Tee Billz washed their dirty undies in public, Tiwa spread it out with the shit and all, for all to gaze upon. I can't say I blame her, the society we live in doesn't always give women a fair hearing and she had a reputation to protect.

The video was well orchestrated. Her dressing, the minimal makeup, head angle and general body posture, will make the hardest of hearts melt. The girl deserves an Oscar and her PR team some props (I wonder if they do Pro Bono work), however if half of what she said is true, then it's a shame, a really big shame.

Tee Billz just provided some dope ammo for the ever growing band of "feminists", who regularly take shots at anyone that pisses 'standing upright', and sure enough they came after him in droves and took random shots at anyone who opposed their views. I even saw a tweet that said eight out of ten marriages in Nigeria are going through the same thing. Really?

This marriage did not fail because of the man and woman involved, it failed because of the motives behind the marriage. It was doomed to fail from the very start. It has all the trappings of the Iyke and Tina Turner marriage which was a sham.

Iyke married Tina solely to protect his investment. He had 'created' her, 'made' her successful and was not about let his investment slip out of his hands, so he married her. She went along with it because she felt she owed everything to him. It was a disaster.

Rather man marry Tiwa, Tee Billz should have built upon the success of the Tiwa brand and developed other upcoming artists who would have given their limbs to work with an icon like him. He should have dropped his commission from 40% to 10% and kept it professional. He should have evolved from the man the upcoming Tiwa looked unto for guidance, to the man the star Tiwa looked up to with respect, great fondness and loyalty.

Instead he chose to play the guilt card, the 'I made you' card. Well there’s a limit to gratefulness, especially when you are paying more for the increasingly less, you are getting. This I believe was the cause of the whole Psquare drama. You can't keep paying one debt for the rest of your life. The fact that you helped someone along their route to success, does not mean you are entitled for life.

This marriage should never have happened and now it's come to a messy end.