Happy Birthday, Your Majesty!

Queen Elizabeth was showered with celebratory wishes on the streets around Windsor Castle as

1. She's rich

Queen Elizabeth is worth $550 million making her one of the richest royals in the world. Although, she still trails behind the Beckhams who are worth $715 million, the royal lady can definitely afford anything she wants.

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2. She's royalty

When you are royal, you are privileged and you have access to a whole lot of things and places most people usually don't have. Who is more royal than the Queen of England?

3. She's the grandmother of British bad boy Prince Harry

The world wouldn't have come to know and be entertained by the "bad boy" Prince Harry if Queen Elizabeth never had Prince Charles. We have to admit that Harry (fourth in line to the British throne) doesn't only make Hollywood stars his BFFs, but dates the hottest chicks and yes, has showed off his nakedness before.

4. She's a custodian of British culture

If there's one person who will do anything and everything to keep the British tradition and customs in place for the generations to come, that’s the Queen! She's live for 90 years, knows the conservativeness of the U.K to the teeth and has kept her jurisdiction connected  to and in love with those old rules.

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5. She gave Nigeria independence in 1960

Thanks to Queen Elizabeth, Nigeria was able to gain independence on October 1, 1960.

Nigeria became an independent nation through constitutions that were legislated by the British government. The new Constitution established a federal government system with an elected Prime Minister and a ceremonial head of staff by 1963.