In keeping with our tradition of providing premium entertainment and lifestyle content, Pulse is excited to announce the launch of our Pulse VIP blogger series.

Our featured VIP blogger is Tolu and he'll be sharing on life as a Nigerian entertainer...and his uncanny resemblance to Trey Songz!

It's never really easy to be constantly refered to by someone else but in my case, being told "you look like Trey Songz" all the time is truly flattering.

The hustle in the Nigerian music business is hard but its the fans, friends and family who make it much easier. Plus my natural resemblance to one of the world's most famous R&B singers - Trey Songz - is totally helping my brand.

Back in the day I used to be a slim nigga but after couple of years, I believe I have build up and possibly rebranded my style and that's why my #prettyones a.k.a female fans think I am now the Nigeria's Trey!

The first time I heard it was when Tuface Idibia told me on the Project Fame stage... "Tolu my guy, you look like that American singer... Trey Songz". Since then,  I've tried to picture it countless times. Other people have said the same thing to me as well which made it even harder for me to believe it.

But like I say all the time to anyone who calls me Trey, "we have different body masses" so I'm guessing its some unique facial features that make me look like him. Probably the smile, dimples and eyes... I'm only guessing lol. But I find it extremely flattering to be likened to Trey Songz.

I consider this a gigantic compliment because Trey has it locked down when it comes to feminine appeal all over the world. So to be referred to as a 'Trey look alike' it's a plus to my brand and I'm sure all my #prettyones love me for this reason....

Trey Songz is one of my role models. He sings, he's sexy and very talented which are all the characteristics I want to have as an artiste. With the kind of music I do - R&B/pop - it's vital to have that Songz appeal especially if your fan-base are more of the females. But wait, I look like him already!!!

But do I sound like him? Probably that won't sell in Nigeria but while in the House, I think I did and it won me the second spot in the heated competition. Do I want to conitinue sounding like Trey? Probably not. But I pray my new music produced by the legendary Don Jazzy - My Lover - will have the 'Trey' vibe and will determine my music future.

My boss Mr. Shawn, has succeeded in helping to rebrand "Tolu" to the point where I no longer look like the old me from Project Fame. Now I look like Trey...Someday I hope to hold the music trigger with Mr. Trey side by

I LUV U MY #prettyones peace..

is a recording artiste under who is currently working on his debut album. He was also in the top 5 of the 2010 MTN Project Fame contest.

Download Audio: Tolu – My Lover (Prod. Don Jazzy).mp3