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In the interview Ruggedman broke down how the

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The issue recently came back up after on the issue. "Yeah but it stirring up right now is not on a negative note. It actually stirred up because of a move 9ice made. He wrote an open letter finally acknowledging and apologizing for what happened" Ruggedman told Pulse TV.

He also spoke about how he maintained his cool during the period when he was falsely attacked for sleeping with Toni Payne when she was married to 9ice.

"The major thing that kept me going and made me face anything that came, I read stuff that hurt me because I am human but the major thing that kept me going was the fact that I didn't do it. That was it" said Ruggedman.

Ruggedman feels that 9ice did not deny the rumours during this period because he used the controversy to push his album.

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"I feel so. I feel that was a bit of it but to me that's when I felt, really, really, really betrayed. 9ice was somebody I carried with me for over 2 years. Everywhere I went to from the Ruggedy album, even when he was not with me I helped print his CDs. I took his CDs with me everywhere, every state where Ruggedman entered after I had 9ice with me or his CD with me" revealed Ruggedman.

In the interview he recollected how he met Toni Payne and how she was the first person to interview him online.

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