Fela Anikulapo-Kuti is arguably the most enigmatic artiste from Africa in this century.

His unique genre of music Afrobeat resonated with millions of Nigerians and music listeners abroad. His hit singles laced with conscious music and protest themes gave him a cult following in the country of Nigeria.

Fela's brand is as strong as ever 18 years after his death. Today marks the start of Felabration 2015. As part of celebrating this enigma we have done a Pulse quiz on the Abami Eda.

How well do you know Fela? Take our quiz below;

1) What was the name of Fela Kuti's first band?

a) Koola Lobitos

b) Egypt 80

c) Africa 70

d) Africa All Stars

2) Fela's genre of music is known as ___________________

a) Afrobeat

b) Afrobeats

c) Juju

d) Makossa

3) Fela studied music at

a) Muson Centre

b) New York School of Performing Arts

c) Trinity College of Music

d) Kings College

4) The title of Fela Kuti's first album is

a) Ojuelegba

b) Don't Tell Me Nonsense

c) Africa Unite

d) The '69 Los Angeles Sessions

5) The name of Fela's home is called

a) Sanctuary

b) The Place

c) Kalakuta Republic

d) Bunker


1) A, 2) A, 3) C, 4) D, 5) C

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