I was scavenging the Internet for pictures of the top female celebrities in Nigerian recently and something occurred to me- not many Nigerian female celebs take topless photos.

The only person I could think of is a relatively unknown singer Adokiye who in 2012 went topless in a bunch of promo pictures. You can’t consider her a celebrity. She most likely did it to get attention.

Today’s world is very liberal in terms of sex and nudity compared to other times in world history. In other parts of the world a female celebrity posing without her top on is no big deal. Rihanna has gone topless so many times we no longer see it as a big deal. has made a career from it.

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Female celebrities in our country have shied away from this. None of our biggest female stars have gone the topless route. Tiwa Savage, Genevieve Nnaji, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, Ini Edo have never done it. Please Maheeda does not count.

Within the Nigerian context, nudity and overt sex appeal takes a very timid stance. Hidden under the cloak of our ‘culture’ nudity is frowned upon. In a country that is extremely religious nudity is a sin.

Using this context as a backdrop most female Nigerian celebrities prefer not to strip or go topless for a magazine cover, in a music video or in a movie because they do not want to be tagged as immoral or ‘loose’.

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Even everyday women in the country are castigated for either flaunting their sexuality or being sexually confident. The society we find ourselves in hasn't evolved to accommodate the 21st century woman and her sexuality. In this kind of environment which Nigerian female celebrity would want to bite the bullet?

Another sad truth is that the Nigerian society is still sexually immature. Men ogle at sexy women on the streets of Lagos. Imagine how insane they would go when they see Genevieve Nnaji topless? Imagine the adolescent gists and rumours? Any female celeb who tries it would be overly sexualized- turned into a sex doll ready to be groped anytime. The headlines will be salacious. She would be turned to a sexpot who can't control her urges.

Until the Nigerian society evolves from the state it is in now let’s forget about topless pictures. We still live in a patriarchal and sexually immature country.