Seeing a nude photo of a female celebrity on the beach or in a villa is nothing strange.

For years the paparazzi have been snapping hot female celebrities during their private moments. Search

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While the world has gotten used to seeing female celebrities go nude in some certain public places it is rare for us to see male celebs in their birthday suit until now.

On August 4, 2016 Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom was spotted by the paparazzi in all his nude glory with his girlfriend Katy Perry. The 39-year-old actor was paddling a board in his birthday suit.

His nude pictures instantaneously grabbed a lot of lines and obviously a lot of women couldn’t but help ogle at his body. The '' wasn’t done with his nude show.

On Saturday, August 6, 2016 Orlando Bloom was again stripped on a beach in Sardinia, Italy and couldn’t keep his hands off his famous girlfriend. Apparently the movie star likes to go naked.

“Orlando is so comfortable with nudity, he loves being naked It’s not at all surprising that he’s got his clothes off at the beach, he’s basically a nudist at home too” an insider told Hollywood Life. According to the source Bloom also wants Katy Perry to get in on the action. “He’d love for Katy [Perry] to be as comfortable with nudity as he is but she’s definitely a lot more shy when it comes to her body. He’s really working hard to get her more conformable though.”

Orlando Bloom isn’t the only male star to show his stuff. Justin Bieberhas also gotten in on the action. Not to be outdone the Canadian pop star went skinny dipping on August 5, 2016 in Hawaii.

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Clearly male nudity among celebs is fast becoming a thing and the world does not know how to react appropriately to it.

Opinion articles and think pieces have sprung up talking about male nudity and the double standard. If a paparazzi snaps a nude female celebrity the act will be tagged as disgusting and horrible but when it’s a male celeb the adjectives surrounding the action borders towards admiration.

Clearly, the media and the audience can’t find the appropriate narrative for nude male celebs.

This is not just an overseas thing. Last year R&B star Darey Art Aladeposed nude in a promo photo for his latest album ‘’ in October, 2015. “Being Naked isn't just about Nudity, it's also about being honest, being vulnerable, being real” explained Darey about his nude photo.

We might not have Uti Nwachukwu strolling down the beach in his birthday suit, or Adunni Ade going skinny dipping in public but there are traces of the nudity here and there.

Why are the male celebs now feeling free to go naked in public? Well, the world is changing these days and gender roles and expectations are shifting and interchanging.

In the near future we should expect more popular male celebs to go full naked in a beach near you.