Nigerian pop star

Some will say that he is still growing and he should be given time but maturity mostly has to do with the mind. Davido’s mind hasn’t caught up with his age.

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Over the weekend Davido blasted his baby mama and called her ‘bitter’ because he doesn’t want to marry her. His first shot at Sophia Momodu started a nasty fight on SnapChat.

While Davido is regarded as what they call a beast in music circles with his dominance of Nigerian music since his debut in 2011 he is yet to be a man in terms of handling his private issues.

Last December to January this year, Davido’s handling of his baby mama drama can best be described as childish. Yes Dele Momodu brought the issue to the public, but the way Davido handled the matter after that wasn’t ideal.

Even after the truce was called between Davido’s family and Sophia Momodu’s family, the pop star has been taunting the veteran journalist and Ovation publisherDele Momodu by calling out his names. This is just downright disrespectful and ignoring the call for peace.

For what it is worth Sophia Momodu is the mother of her child and he should treat her with respect. Airing her out in public will not solve the matter, it will only make things worse.

In future, Davido will find it hard to explain to his daughter for all the nasty things he said about her mother. At this point if Davido doesn’t change posterity will be hard on him.

He is not the only celeb with a baby mama but somehow his private life continues to spill out to the public in not a very nice way. A lot of what has happened is down to how he has behaved. A mature person would not air his dirty laundry in the public but Davido loves doing the opposite.

Davido thrives in controversy and not in the usual celebrity controversy but the unnecessary kind and this is an indication that the people around him can’t control him. Davido is a loose canon.

The narrative that Davido behaves immature because he is young is over. He is a grown man who should responsibility for his actions. His latest fight with his baby mama is an indication that he has not yet grown up.