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According to her, “When you give birth it doesn't mean you stop being sexy at all. It was being sexy that got us pregnant in the first place. Having a baby doesn't change anything it just makes me more responsible, I have a lot to live for, I have a lot to work for. I am still who I am and that's not gonna change.”

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Tiwa Savage has in my books been a trailblazer. When she moved back to Nigeria in 2010 her exciting blend of pop music and sexuality made a quick lane for her. Not many female singers if not any where using sex appeal as a calling card. Tiwa Savage did and boldly so.

When she exposed her cleavage in her second music video ‘Love Me 3x’ it caused quite a bit of stir in the music industry. Some people felt that she was flaunting what she had and others thought the she could have toned down on her choice of attire for the video.

Tiwa’s career as successful as it seems is also a litmus test for how far a Nigerian female singer can go in terms of sexuality and sex appeal. Days after she got married to her manager Tee Billz, Tiwa Savage shared a picture of herself in a bikini. She got a lot of criticisms online which centred on the main notion that a married woman should not expose her body in such a manner.

The biggest drama came when she released her ‘Wanted’ video on May 27, 2014. Tiwa Savage wearing a brown cat suit gyrated her body sexually. Oh the feedback from this video was insane- she was bashed left, right and centre. Thankfully Tiwa Savage took all the criticisms and hate in stride. She didn’t let it break her spirit.

When she got pregnant in December 2014 Tiwa Savage’s career faced a new hurdle- how sexy can mums in the entertainment industry be? A lot of things were said about Tiwa Savage when she was pregnant. It was said that she would lose her sex appeal and fans to younger singers.

After giving birth to her son last year in 2015 Tiwa Savage released her second album ‘’. Thankfully so far she has not missed a step. She is back and hotter than ever before.

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Like I said Tiwa Savage is a trailblazer. As she continues to juggle motherhood and music Tiwa Savage is unknowingly writing the blueprint for female performers.

Thanks to her Cynthia Morgan can show her boobs on TV and Seyi Shay can rock the tightest of bum shorts in her music video. Now Tiwa Savage is doing it for the mothers who can be sexy and hot while having an active music career.

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