Bold, courageous and strong, these are the adjectives that can best describe

In the video, yes we can see an emotional woman who has been broken by a man who has treated her badly, made wrong accusations about her and called her honour into question.

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However, most importantly we can see a Tiwa Savage rising from the ashes of her failed marriage, and breaking the chains tradition and society has placed on women in insufferable unions.

Wiping away her tears Tiwa Savage admitted to two years of emotional abuse from a man she loved with all her heart. She spoke on his alleged drug use, wild and expensive lifestyle and his infidelity.

Tiwa Savage told a tale of a woman who was determined to make her marriage work at great costs. She funded her husband’s expensive lifestyle, paid his debts and ignored his infidelity until she was choked by his unfaithfulness. Not only did she fund Tee Billz’s lifestyle she was the sole breadwinner of the house.

Before Tee Billz made damning accusations about his wife and tried to commit suicide, the singer had already given up on her marriage. She had called it quits.

Why do I call Tiwa Savage bold, courageous and strong? It takes a woman with a solid spine and guts in Nigeria to call it quits on her marriage that was bringing her more pain than joy. She was the one bringing money to the home but still put up a front that her husband was in control.

There are millions of Nigerian women in this situation. They are suffering in silence, their cries are unheard because the Nigerian society has placed a yoke on them that they must endure pain in their marriages. The burden of whether the marriage works lies solely on them. This is wrong.

There are so many women who are the ones supporting their families. Many men have abandoned their roles as the head of the home because the society allows it, and the wives have to work extra hard to make ends meet for the entire family.

The society places a stigma on women who leave their marriages. We call them sluts and shame the women who have the courage to end their suffering by leaving these hell holes. Why does the Nigerian society hold back women in bad marriages? Why is the blame placed on them and not the man?

Before her interview, Tiwa Savage was slammed online for being allegedly sexually promiscuous. With tears in her eyes she defended her honour. Kudos has to be given to her for having the strength to end her marriage. She admitted that she was tired of it all.

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One quote in her interview struck me deep. Tiwa Savage said “I don’t care at this point if I don’t ever get married again.” This statement is a liberating one not only for her but for Nigerian women as well.

Tiwa Savage is now a symbol for women who are in the position she was before. Hopefully her story gives women the courage in this similar situation to come out and end their bad marriages.