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After a month of nasty shots online Linda Ikeji and Wizkid met at the office of the

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Now the Internet drama is all over and we hope both parties remain calm and don’t do anything provocative. Apart from us being jaded from the online war, Linda Ikeji and Wizkid surely have better things to do than diss each other on the Internet. What lessons can we learn though from the whole issue. What could have Linda Ikeji and Wizkid done differently?

First of all, even though blogging doesn’t have to follow all the principles of journalism it is necessary that when posting any sensitive story undeniable proof should be made available.

In Linda Ikeji’s case when she reported that Wizkid had been told to evacuate his mansion in Lekki she failed to give us a copy of the quit notice. Since she and Wizkid already had a ‘history’ it would have been better if she had concrete proof. When she posted the story about Wizkid some felt it was a witch hunt.

Linda Ikeji has a job to do no doubt but in blogging about certain things she needs irrefutable proof. If she doesn’t do so her credibility could take some damage.

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Also it is time for Linda Ikeji to know that a lot of attention is on her and her blog. She can’t keep operating like the small time blogs out there. When she got the Wizkid tip she should have reached out to his management or PR to get his other side of the story. This would have given her story balance. Well after this episode I guess Linda Ikeji would polish her articles a bit more.

As for Wizkid his anger and tongue nearly put him in serious trouble. I have said it over and over again- it’s not everything you respond to. His rant at Linda Ikeji was vulgar and could have ripped him of his endorsements also. Celebs should learn to keep quiet and let their PR person do his/her work. If Wizkid can’t control his tongue it will cost him bitterly one day.

If Wizkid wanted to respond he should have released a well thought out response and not a knee jerk reaction. After this debacle with Linda Ikeji who dragged him police we hope he learns to keep quiet. Also it is time for Linda Ikeji to be more professional.