You can be pardoned if you do not know who

Sheyman is a popular producer, singer and song mixer within the music circles. His fingers and ears have helped mix some of the biggest hit records in Nigeria over the last few years.

In 2014 he scored a minimal hit ‘Paper’ remix featuring Davido. Prior to that he was briefly associated with Trybe Records.

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In January 2016 it was reported that he bought a Range Rover worth N28m, and moved into the real estate business.

Why is Sheyman the subject of this opinion piece? Well, a couple of days ago (Wednesday, March 30, 2016) released what some can consider a controversial statement on his Instagram page.

In the text of the poster Sheyman wrote “Lil advice to all the young girls out there!!!

“Stop the habit of taking selfies in hotel rooms. Those selfies depicts your low self-esteem. We know you can't even afford that breakfast not to talk of the hotel room itself.

“If u are cheap to mess around, you shouldn't be proud to tell us. My point!

“Nowadays everyone wants to live that life, chilling this, chilling that. least u can do for urself is USE UR BRAIN!!! ABEG MAKE U NO VEX IF E TOSH U.

“Yours truly "Sheyman.”

It took 48 hours for most blogs and entertainment sites in Nigeria to discover his post and turn it into news.

My first reaction after reading the statement was “what is this?” After reading it over and over again I am still asking myself what Sheyman is really about.

In his mini rant on morals he is admonishing babes who are in the habit of taking selfies in hotel rooms. According to his statement taking selfies in hotel rooms strangely lowers the self esteem of women who do it.

This statement is confusing. Why do they have low esteem because they take selfies in hotel rooms? He later goes on to assume that women who take selfies in hotel rooms can’t afford to eat in these hotels.

This is not a brilliant assumption to make. So female entrepreneurs who go on business trips have low self-esteem because they take selfies in their hotel rooms. His assumption is very faulty to say the least.

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It seems Sheyman is referring to prostitutes who brand themselves as runs girls. I think they are the targets of his rants even though he does not state that explicitly.

In his statement he goes on to say that if a runs girl is cheap enough to mess around she shouldn't be proud enough to let it show. Breaking this down Sheyman has a problem with these babes who show off their profession on Instagram. Maybe he wants them to keep it on the low low.

From the last bit of his statement you can deduce that his major grouse is about these women showing off and not really what they do.

Sigh....after reading Sheyman’s rant a couple of times I said to myself that this is most likely a stunt, a move to generate attention. It really makes no sense for him to have said all that. It looked like a waste of time to me.

Yeah Sheyman might have a personal conviction about this type of thing but it would have made more sense to rant about the elite prostitution rings in the country than complain about selfies. His anger or holy righteousness is misdirected.

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