I have always admired Peter Okoye- the flashy and more socially friendly of the Okoye twins. When rancour rose in the Psquare brand earlier in this year and the brothers were about to split, I supported Peter Okoye because I felt that he had most of the traits a star has.

After his apology yesterday (July 25, 2016), I no longer rate Peter Okoye highly. His (borderline humorous and scripted) apology has demystified his brand and shattered the super star aura he had. Most of his moves lately can be described as desperate PR stunts that should be relegated to upcoming celebrities and not an established star like himself.

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So yesterday Peter Okoye posted a video on his Instagram page and a wrote a lengthy apology that made my eyes roll.

"We are back because brothers do not let each other wander in the dark alone. We are back because we have tried the lonely road and it was not the same"  wrote the singer. Oh Peter Okoye did not know this before he started crying wolf. Matters could have been sorted behind closed doors but the Okoye brothers decided to give us a poor soap opera to watch and Peter Okoye was the lead actor.

After spitting brimstone and fire Peter Okoye is back to square one and is back with his brother Jude Okoye as his manager who he has bashed over the last few months. "We are embarking now on a new journey with exciting new management (Jude Okoye), new music and new ideas"  wrote Peter Okoye. How is it possible for Jude Okoye who he dragged for not being up-to-date is 'exciting'?

Whatever Peter Okoye was planning doesn't seem to have panned out for him. It seems he did not think things through before deciding to leave the Psquare set up. In his video Peter Okoye feels scripted and part of a ploy to get the public interested in Psquare again.

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Peter Okoye and his brothers have lost the narrative. People out there are not thinking about Psquare and they are surely not thinking about Peter Okoye. It has been game over for this group for sometime now and Peter Okoye's so called solo career will most likely not take flight after this.

The fact that the Okoye brothers would soon release a video and tell everyone that all is okay with the group right now shows that they lack imagination. It's sad to see Psquare go this way. It's also sad to see Peter Okoye go this way.

In case no one has told him- people do not care about Psquare anymore. Not only have they been demystified, the narrative of Nigerian music has moved so many steps ahead of them and it might be hard for them to catch up. As for Peter Okoye, his aura has gone. He might have all the moves and flashy steps but no one really cares about that anymore.